Request OID Account

A DD2875, System Authorization Access Request form is required to obtain access to AMCOM Portal Applications. The following provides details on applying for an AMCOM Portal account.
  1. Fill out the interactive DD2875 System Authorization Access Request pdf form on your PC. The form may be filled out by using the Adobe Reader application. Enter "AMCOM Portal" in the SYSTEM NAME block. Include the AMCOM Portal Application you are requesting access to in Part II, Block 13. Use your Common Access Card (CAC) to digitally sign the request and save it.
  2. Have your Supervisor complete Part II, Blocks 16 - 20b and digitally sign Block 18. Contractors - you must have your Government POC approve access in Blocks 16-20b, including Company Name, Contract Number and Expiration Date in Block 16a.
  3. Have your Security Manager complete Part III, Blocks 28 – 32 and digitally sign Block 31.
  4. Email the completed form to the AMCOM CIO-G6 Service Desk at
  5. You will notified by email when the account is available. Email will be sent to the email address provided on the DD2875.
  6. If you have questions regarding the form please call the AMCOM CIO-G6 Service Desk at (256) 842-9711, DSN 788-9711 for assistance.