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The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) mission is to provide optimized and responsive Aviation, Missile, and Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) sustainment support to the Joint Warfighter to enable sustainable readiness at the point of need.
AMCOM and its partner organizations, the Program Executive Office - Aviation (PEOAVN), and the Program Executive Office - Missiles & Space(PEO M&S), are seeking solutions for cost, maintenance, and reliability drivers adversely impacting the readiness of Aviation and Missile weapon systems or effecting the Soldiers, organizations and processes that sustain them. Innovative ideas, concepts, procedures, and technologies may address obsolescence, operations and support cost reduction, reliability improvement, maintenance burden reduction or maintenance improvement. To learn more about the Command's mission, leadership, and strategic priorities, visit:
What is the purpose of the AWCF Investment Projects Portal?
The purpose of the AWCF Investment Projects Portal is to provide a conduit for communications between industry and Team Redstone partner organizations. Through this communications, Team Redstone can provide industry information about the highest priority sustainment issues facing our systems, Soldiers, and organizations. In turn, Team Redstone hopes to gain industry insight into potential solutions to those sustainment issues. The AWCF Investment Projects Portal provides a means for our subject matter experts to assess industry identified solutions, evaluate their applicability, and provide feedback to the submitter. It provides industry an opportunity to showcase their product or idea without needing to travel to Redstone Arsenal, and without giving anyone an unfair competitive advantage.
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